Workshop Schedule

See the schedule in [PDF].

WAPMDS 2009 Local Arrangements has recorded the proceedings of WAPMDS 2009. The talk videos and presentation slides are given as links below.

Thursday, 17 December, 2009
1930- Dinner along with FSTTCS delegates (Institute Guest House Lawns)

Friday, 18 December, 2009
Session I Chair: Michael Mahoney
0845-0945 Joel Tropp
Finding structure with randomness: Stochastic algorithms for computing approximate matrix decompositions
0945-1015 Break
Session II Chair: Joel Tropp
1015-1115 Michael Mahoney
Linear Algebra methods for heavy tailed informatics graphs
1115-1215 Inderjit Dhillon
Guaranteed Rank Minimization via Singular Value Projection
1215-1400 Lunch (CSE Lawns)
Session III Chair: Andrew McGregor
1400-1455 Jelani Nelson
A Space-Optimal Algorithm for Sketching Small Moments
1455-1540 David Woodruff
Moments and Sampling
1540-1610 Coffee
Session IV Chair: David Woodruff
1610-1640 Rina Panigrahy
Estimating PageRank on Graph Streams
1640-1720 Krzysztof Onak
Approximate Pattern Matching and the Query Complexity of Edit Distance
1930- Dinner (Institute Guest House Lawns)

Saturday, 19 December, 2009
Session V Chair: Christian Sohler
0845-0945 Sudipto Guha
Beyond the Moraines: New Directions in Streaming
0945-1030 Andrew McGregor
Annotations in Data Streams
1030-1100 Break
Session VI Chair: Pankaj Agarwal
1100-1145 Christian Sohler
Comp. Geometry
1145-1215 Christiane Lammersan
Comp. Geometry
1215-1400 Lunch
Session VII Chair: Piotr Indyk
1400-1445 Pankaj Agarwal
Comp. Geometry
1445-1515 Dan Feldman
Comp. Geometry
1515-1540 Coffee
Session VIII Chair: Sudipto Guha
1540-1640 Piotr Indyk
Compressed Sensing
1640-1700 Break
1700- Open Problems Session (Chair: Sudipto Guha)
[Part I]
[Part II]
[Part III]
1930- Workshop Dinner (Institute Guest House Lawns)

Sunday, 20 December, 2009
Session IX Chair: Paul Beame
0845-0930 Amit Chakrabarti
Lower Bounds: Round Elimination
0930-1015 T.S. Jayram
Information Complexity and the Geometry of Communication
1015-1040 Coffee
Session X Chair: T.S. Jayram
1040-1125 Paul Beame
Lower bounds for read/write stream algorithms
1125-1210 Matthias Westermann
The Power of Online Reordering
1210-1240 Ely Porat
Real time pattern matching
1240- Lunch
1930- Dinner (Institute Guest House DINING HALL)