SIGTACS - Fall 2008

SIGTACS - Special Interest Group on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, was born out of an effort to bring together people interested in areas of Theoretical Computer Science. It is a platform for students and faculty members to come together and share their excitement in the area. The group aims at organizing problem solving sessions, seminars and guest lectures.
This webpage will be used to post announcements of the upcoming events of the SIGTACS and also document the progress of the group.

Meeting Schedule
Saturdays 0930-1230 hrs, CS102

Session 1 - September 13, 2008, CS103

The group members presented some open problems to the group. A list of these problems is available here.

Session 2 - September 20, 2008, CS102

To group recapitulated the problems presented in Session 1 and 3 problems were chosen for study:

  1. The Coloring Conjecture for the 2-D plane
  2. The Illumination Problem
  3. Cake cutting algorithms

Important Notices
- Members interested in receiving updates and announcements are requested to send their names to names to the webmaster with their e-mail addresses for inclusion into the group mailing list.
- The meeting timings of the group have changed to 0930-1230 hrs

Session 3 - September 27, 2008, CS102

It was a fun day for the group. One of the members of the group was getting felicitated and the members went to the felicitation ceremony. On the discussion front, some nice ideas were presented and made for a lively discussion. Though attendance was low the members present actively participated in the discussions.

It was decided that the notes for the weekly sessions be put up on the website. These will be put up as soon as the webmaster is done with his mid-semester examinations.

Session 4 - to be announced ...


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