Paper Format

iWML 2013 shall be accepting submissions till the 23:59 hours Indian Standard Time on the 17th of May, 2013. All submissions must conform to the guidlines given below.
  1. Submissions must be no longer than two (2) pages including references, figures and appendices.
  2. Style Files: Authors can format their submissions using either LaTeX or Microsoft Word. However, irrespective of the typesetting format, authors must adhere to the workshop style files. The style files for LaTeX as well as MS word can be downloaded here.
  3. We will accept only PDF submissions. Authors formatting their submission in MS Word must convert their document to PDF before submitting.
  4. Detailed instructions on formatting figures, tables etc is given with the style files and must be adhered to. Submissions deviating substantially from the prescribed format will be rejected without review.
  5. Dual Submissions Policy: Since the workshop is not intended to have a proceedings comprising full versions of the papers, concurrent submissions to other venues are acceptable provided that the concurrent submission or intention to submit to other venues is declared to all venues including iWML.
  6. Reviewing Policy: Submissions shall be refereed on the basis of technical quality, potential impact, and clarity. A fraction of the submitted papers shall be accepted for presentation at the workshop.

Submission Instructions

Authors must closely follow the submission procedure
  1. Enter the paper details in the Google form here. Please note that paper details need only be entered once for each paper even if the paper has multiple authors.
  2. The form asks for the paper's primary author's contact details. Typically this will be the paper's lead author. We will send all information regarding the submission to this contact address.
  3. The form also asks for a declaration of dual submission. Please enter names of any other workshops/conferences/journals where this work was published earlier or is currently under review.
  4. The submission should be sent in PDF form as an email attachment (see formatting instructions above) to the following address
    iwml DOT iitk DOT 2013 AT gmail DOT com
    The subject of the email should be "Paper submission to iWML 2013". The body of the email should contain the title of the paper and the list of authors.