In order to encourage graduate students working in machine learning to interact with the machine learning research community in India we propose to invite some students to attend the workshop (this is in addition to students who would be attending the workshop to present their work). In order to apply for participation in the workshop, students should apply online along with a letter of recommendation (typically from their thesis supervisor).

Students who are interested in attending this workshop are requested to observe the following procedure for applying
  1. Fill in your personal details and contact details of the person who would be writing your reference letter in the Google form here.
  2. The form asks for your as well as your referee's contact details and a short statement of purpose. In the statement of purpose, please succinctly explain why you are interested in attending the workshop along with any details of your past/ongoing work in machine learning.
  3. Please ask your referee to send us a letter of recommendation by sending an email to the following email address
    iwml DOT iitk DOT 2013 AT gmail DOT com
  4. Please ask your referee to clearly mention your name and affiliation in his/her recommendation letter so that we can link it to your application.