Workshop Program

Download Invited Talk Abstracts [here]

Venue for all technical sessions shall be CS101 lecture hall, H. R. Kadim Diwan Building.

July 1, Monday

0830-0900 Registration
0900-0915 Introductory Remarks and Inauguration
0915-1015 Prateek Jain (MSR)
Compressive Sensing
1015-1115 Vikas Raykar (IBM)
Learning from Crowds
1115-1145 Coffee Break
1145-1245 Sunita Sarawagi (IITB)
Graphical Models for Structure Extraction and Annotation
1245-1415 Lunch
1415-1515 Oral Presentations
Mutual Exclusion Rule Mining in Transaction Datasets
Mutual Information Based Output Landmark Variable Selection
A Memory Based POS Tagger for Bengali
1515-1545 Coffee Break
1545-1645 Oral Presentations
Support Vector Algorithms for Optimizing the Partial Area Under the ROC Curve
Convex Calibration Dimension for General Loss Matrices
Supervised Induction of Probabilistic Tree Adjoining Grammars
1645- Poster Session

July 2, Tuesday

0900-1000 Sudeshna Sarkar (IITKGP)
Machine Learning for Recommender Systems
1000-1100 Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IITB)
Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning: Points of Synergy and Divergence
1100-1130 Coffee Break
1130-1230 B Ravindran (IITM)
Reinforcement learning/Bandit problem
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1500 Rahul Garg (Opera Solutions)
Anonymization of High Dimensional Data
1500-1600 Srujana Merugu (Amazon)
Practical aspects of building ML based Systems
1600-1630 Coffee Break
1630-1730 C V Jawahar (IIITH)
Machine Learning and Computer Vision
1730- Business Meeting
2000- Workshop Banquet

July 3, Wednesday

0900-1000 Dhruv Mahajan (MSR)
Distributed Machine Learning
1000-1100 Kaushik Sinha (U. of Wichita)
Randomized partition trees for exact nearest neighbor search
1100-1130 Coffee Break
1130-1210 Sumeet Agarwal (IITD)
Machine Learning for Systems Biology
1210-1250 V V Saradhi (IIT Guwahati)
Learning from Cricket Text Commentary
1250-1300 Closing Remarks
1300-1430 Lunch

End of Workshop