Alan Turing Centenary Year Celebrations Program

You can download the program in PDF format here.

Abstracts of Talks : Please download the abstracts in PDF format here.

Venue : The venue for all the events is the PBCEC lecture hall with the exception of the biographical film on Turing 'Codebreakers' which shall be screened in CS101, H R Kadim Diwan Building.

October 9, Tuesday

1000-1015 Introduction to Event
1015-1115 Hari Sahasrabuddhe lecture series on Inflections in Computing
Lecture by Prof. Kurt Mehlhorn, Director, Max Planck Institut für Informatik and Professor, University of Saarland, Germany
Physarum computations
1115-1130 Tea Break
1130-1230 Talk by Prof. T V Gopal, Anna University, Chennai
Modelling the human brain: An unorganized machine
1430-1530 Talk by Mr. Indus Khaitan, Co-founder, VP (India), Bitzer Mobile.
Disrupting the classical VPN
1530-1545 Tea Break
1545-1645 Talk by Dr. Mangala Gowri, IBM IRL, New Delhi
The ACM Turing Centenary Celebrations: a retrospective
1715-1845 Film Screening : 'Codebreakers', Director: Clare Beavan (sponsor: Google Inc.)
Note : venue CS101, H R Kadim Diwan Building

October 10, Wednesday

1000-1100 Talk by Prof. Nitin Saxena, Hausdorff Centre, Bönn University
Hilbert's Entscheidungsproblem the 10th problem and Turing machines
1100-1200 Talk by Dr. Lipika Dey, Innovation labs, TCS Delhi
Social media analytics
1200-1215 Tea break
1215-1315 Talk by Ed Nair, Editor, Dataquest, Cybermedia Ltd.
Saluting the Indian IT pioneers
1500-1600 Turing award winners : an audio visual presentation created by IISc students
1600- Student presentations from the department