Staying in Kanpur

The IIT Kanpur Guest House facility (also called the Visitors' Hostel) is the recommended option for lodging for participants. Due to the limited number of rooms allotted for this event, participants might have to share their rooms with another person. Each room has two twin beds, an attached bathroom, television and wifi internet connectivity.

There are some new buildings as part of the IIT Kanpur Guest House facility and some allocations will be made in these Visiting Faculty Apartments.

The registration page requests particiapants to indicate whether they wish on-campus accommodation along with their scheduled arrival and departure dates. For early registrants, who have indicated that they wish to stay on-campus for the event, we will make the necessary allocations and inform by e-mail of their accommodation status.

Please note that while we will make every effort to accommodate all participants wishing to stay on campus in the Guest House, we are not in a position to guarantee the same.


The room rent at the IIT Kanpur Guest House is subsidized. A detailed and upto date list of charges may be found here. The charges are approximately Rs. 300 per day per person. The cost of meals is not included in the room rent. The charges of Visiting Faculty Apartments is between Rs. 335 to Rs. 400 per day per person, depending on the type of the apartment allotted. The rate for breakfast is Rs. 40.

Staying Off-Campus

Some suggested hotels in Kanpur
Distance from IIT Approx Travel Time to IIT
5 star 11 km 50 min
Kanha International 3 star 8 km 30 min
Kanha Continental 3 star 8 km 30 min
Celebration 2.5 star 8 km 30 min
Geet Hotel
3 star
14 km
50 min
Gaurav Hotel
3 star
14 km
50 min

The one-way taxi fare from these hotels to IIT ranges between Rs. 150-200.

You can contact the hotels directly and book accommodation. Alternatively, if you wish assistance with booking at any of the hotels mentioned above, you can contact Pearl Tours below.
Miraj Alam
Pearl International Tours and Travels
Shopping Center, IIT Kanpur
Kanpur 208016
Tel: +91-512-2596510/6511

For purposes of monitoring, it is suggested that you inform us at csemeet( if you will be using the services of any of the travel agencies mentioned on this page.